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DextrawStudio is a Digital Arts lab run by MM3rd for QROMEDIA. Our work stack includes; Music Production, Visual Communication & Publishing

About us:

Our business is a fluid, dynamic, energetic and a collaborative one. Our flat structure allows us to focus on the nitty gritties which make the ultimate difference in the piece. We deliver the job, on time and on budget. At Dextraw, we understand that every client is different and every project has a unique set of requirements. Whether it's pure execution or taking on a guiding role in terms of ideas and strategy, we stay on it till its finished. The Dextraw team prides on a flexible approach to the work at hand which achieves the best outcomes for our clients and the best price in the best timeframe.

(Example) - A5

(Example) - A5

Dextraw Multimedia is a unique design, advertising and multimedia consultancy company; our work profile ranges from print media to video production, Photography, Publishing and Music Production. We are a young dynamic entity that prides in young talented and experienced individuals from advertising, designing, production, IT and marketing. In choosing and creating your marketing tools, certain elements like Identity, Concept, Layout and Imagery have to be considered to ensure your message is live and clear. We provide solutions for marketing communications ranging from design, development, presentation and advertising.

Corporate Solutions

Apart from print advertising, concept, design, illustration, photography, video, interactive CD-ROM and website development, our specific Corporate packages include : >>> Corporate Identity: This is the Visual key to your core identity which includes; the logo, letterhead, business card, envelope, folders, receipts, vouchers, access cards, uniforms, transportation design, buildings, signage system, company manuals etc.

Website Development: We offer Web solutions from creative concept, design and development and the delicate system management. The general graphic services include: Corporate Annual Report, Banner/Bunting, Interactive Multimedia, Audio CD/DVD duplication, Souvenir Items , Advertising and Publications.

Video Production & Photography


We are your one-stop video production and Photography site for any kind of event. We have pre-production (scriptwriting, story board and concept), production (shooting facilities) and post-production (non- linear video editing with special video effect and animation). We specifically cater for Special Events, Corporate gigs, Launches, Promotions, Social events, Doci’s and Ads.

Dextraw Publishing

The DP in association with DextrawStudio is a complimentary Publishing unit that offers unique services for the 21st Century in the field of publishing Music, Books, Film & Documentaries that will leverage from our one-stop Corporation of in-house illustrators, Editors, Graphic designers, Marketers, Social media specialists, Videographers, Stylists, and Visual producers. The DP is Publishing in the 21st Century.


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